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The listing fee is $20/month to be prepaid for 12 months =$240 per year. We accept cash or personal check. For payments by major cards, a 3% fee will be added to cover our fees. The listing will consist of:

Contact name
Business name
Full street address

The listing will be placed in one category that you select to stay there for the entire year.

Should your business belong in several categories, for example (Air Conditioning and Duct Cleaning), the first listing in Category (A) will cost you $240 and the second listing in Category (B) will cost you 50% off the $240 or $120 per year.

Payment of both listings, A and B, need to be made at the same time. In the above example the total for 2 listings will cost you $360. The 50% discount will apply to as many categories as you want to be placed in. So if you want to be in 3 categories, category #1 will be $240/pa and categories #2 and #3 will be $120 each/pa. The grand total for the 3 categories will be $240+$120+$120=$480/pa.

If you need to be listed in a brand new category that is not currently shown on our home page, there will be a $25 fee to cover the cost we pay our IT person to add the new category on the HOME page.

We do not guarantee exclusivity. The placement of the listings in any category is on a first come, first served basis.

We will create and place a banner somewhere on the HOME page for $250 a month.

Contact Al 7 days.
Email aljab2003@yahoo.com
Phone 561-252-7955


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